Bluetooth - a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances using radio waves.  The technology was created by the Swedish telecom company Ericsson in 1994, and is named after the tenth-century Danish king Harald I, nicknamed Harald Blåtand ("Blue tooth" in English).  An Ericsson employee was reading The Long Ships at the time - an historical novel about the Vikings and King Harald Bluetooth.  The king is credited with uniting independent Danish tribes into one kingdom - as Bluetooth technology united wireless communication protocols into one universal standard.  The Bluetooth logo is a Viking-era rune, combining the letters 'H' and 'B' for "Harald Bluetooth."  Read more on Wikipedia.

LNP (Local Number Portability) - refers to the ability of a customer of an existing phone number assigned by a local exchange carrier (LEC) to reassign the number to another carrier.  For mobile phones, this is called Full Mobile Number Portability (FMNP), just MNP, Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) or just WNP.  Read more on Wikipedia.

POP (Point of Presence) - During the court-ordered breakup of the Bell Telephone System in the US during the 1980s, this term came to identify a location where a long-distance carrier could terminate services and provide connections into a local telephone network.  An internet point of presence is an access point to the internet - a physical location that houses servers, routers, ATM switches and digital/analog call aggregators.

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